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Announcement: WEOS and WECASH Airdrop on EOS Token Holders

2018.09.18 01:30 wecash Announcement: WEOS and WECASH Airdrop on EOS Token Holders

Welcome to WEOS and WeCash Original: 09/14/2018 Symbol: WECASH
Translations: Chinese, Korean (courtesy EOS Café Korea), Japanese (Couresy of EOS Japan), French (courtesy EOS Nation), Swedish (courtesy EOS Sw/eden), Italian (courtesy EOS Italia), Swahili (courtesy EOS Nairobi), Portuguese


Most of you are probably reading this because you are believers in blockchain, decentralization, and EOS—and, you were airdropped WeCash tokens. If not, by reading this, you may understand why WEOS and WeCash are important projects. You may be intrigued by decentralization, blockchain technology, and cryptocurrencies, and do further research. You might rush to buy some cryptocurrency as a result. After all, it can be exciting to finally realize there are viable alternatives to the status quo.
For any reason, the WEOS team is glad you are here.

The Product

WEOS was envisioned before anyone knew about blockchain. It is a platform premised on the idea that relationships are the basis of communication. Each relationship demands different levels of privacy and subject matter. WEOS takes all the best features of social-networking, private messaging, message boards, and email and focuses it all by relationship. For each relationship, we communicate differently. And for each relationship, WEOS offers a comprehensive suite of features to sufficiently communicate, search posts, and review posts with any contact or group, regardless of relationship.
Each contact has its own space, like a wall. If you were to review your communication with any contact through email or messaging, it would be difficult. Private messaging and email are private, but they have their limitations. WEOS removes those limitations and adds post-and-comment format for all posts, just like you would see on a public Facebook post or a comment section of a website, for better organization of group or 1-on-1 communication.
WEOS is to be built on the premise of self-ownership of data so that no person outside your contacts can know what you post. Even the WEOS Team cannot see them. All the data is encrypted. Only you and your intended recipients have access to your posts.
The technology of EOSIO allows free and instant transactions. This enables direct allocation of a portion of the advertising revenues to users through the platform. Yes, users can now get paid for the ads they view. This is what blockchain is all about: decreasing costs by cutting out middlemen.
We plan to release the beta version of WEOS in early 2019!

Product Philosophy

WEOS is based on relationships, but that philosophy is born out of a greater philosophy that products should reflect reality and be useful. For example, we observe that not every contact is a friend like is the case with Facebook. And, because we observe that reality, WEOS can offer more precisely-directed communication and provide broader use-cases than Facebook.
The philosophy of reality and usefulness will be adhered to in all future features of WEOS and passed on as a vision to the general WeCash community who will govern the platform at some point. The more the platform adheres to the philosophy, the greater the chance for its success.

WeCash Token and Philosophy

The WeCash token was created out of a desire to decentralize money. Centralized control over money has led to many world problems, which are too many to list here. WeCash is money by the people and for the people. No central authority controls WeCash. No one can inflate its supply. The owners of the money, which are the token holders, or what we commonly refer to as "the Community", make the decisions.
WeCash is an EOSIO token, which means its transactions are executed by a cooperation of many actors, called nodes, through a system called DPOS or Delegated Proof of Stake. These nodes are distributed throughout the world with no central point of failure with many more nodes on standby. This system is provably secure and decentralized. The nodes cooperate to ensure that all viable transactions are approved, in the order, they are received, and free of fees. Yes, that means no transactions fees to send or receive WeCash.
The WeCash supply is fixed at four billion tokens. Money should be scarce and having a fixed supply ensures that scarcity. In order to keep the WEOS platform operating and improving, revenues must be collected. And, we believe money should be backed by demand. It should have a utility. Advertisers will need to purchase WECASH tokens in order to advertise to WEOS users. People will be able to stake their WECASH to receive further rewards in WECASH, further increasing demand. Future features of the WEOS platform will be designed to further increase the demand of the WECASH token.

The Airdrop

The WeCash airdrop was the initial token distribution. It was not airdropped on a 1:1 basis or any other fixed ratio, but on an exponential ratio that is capped at a maximum of five million WeCash. Although we are as "free-market" as anyone and recognize and value the contributions of the rich (the honest ones, anyway), we feel that at this point that a few should not have too much control over the governance of the platform. As the price of WeCash rises, it will be more difficult to gain control, so we have spread out the distribution a little more "fairly" using an exponential ratio.
If you were one of the enlightened few who was in the EOS genesis snapshot and held 25 or more EOS, you were airdropped. For those who held less than 25—not to worry—you'll be able to claim your tokens at a later date, and you may be surprised how many WeCash you have.

Going Forward

The WEOS team looks forward to interacting with the WEOS and WeCash communities and spreading the philosophy and vision. A world where data and money are not centrally-controlled is within our grasp. Resources can be allocated according to our own needs and not the whims of central actors, outside our control.
Blockchain technology will allow new products and ideas to enter the market quicker and at lower costs than ever before. The people will decide what wins and what fails without central interference. And, how we all come to a consensus will be revolutionized.
We look forward to this new "reality".
The WEOS Team
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2012.05.04 11:15 tabledresser [Table] IAmA: AMA African living in Africa. Ask me anything you need to know about living in the 3rd World. Been here all my life.

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Date: 2012-05-03
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Questions Answers
Do you think that the Catholic church does more good or harm for people? I think the Catholic church has destroyed many people in Africa because they tell us not to use condoms...but people still have to have sex so in the end they get AIDS.
Thank you for doing this, keep well. Buut...they have some schools and health centres, but just very few of them. I would prefer if catholics and all religions left Africa in peace.
Africa, then the World. True.
But what about the Christian workers and people who help out the community? As long as they don't preach religion I'm fine with them.
Curious question about Catholics and condom use... They say not to use it (or any contraceptives) but that hasn't kept a lot of people in other places from using condoms and other contraceptives, why is Africa different? Africa is a very receptive place...we value and respect guests by honouring their opinion. Regardless of whether it is true or not. This is part of the reason why.
Why would they tell you not to use condoms? This is interesting. They say that every seed that comes from man should not be wasted. Quite some bullshit.
When will your Prince transfer me that $100m he promised?! Hahaha...if you fell for that nonsense, I have bad news for you mate.
Can I pay for you to come to America? Haha, for work, study or tourism? And what would you expect from me?
He's like American version of Nigerian prince. Beware!!! Lol. I could tell from his very generous offers :D.
"Work" Umm, I have some people that owe me money... So, yeah. You don't need a resume, I promise. Good luck getting me a visa with that reason :)
Oh It's all legit. Trust me. But seriously, would you come to the US to visit? Yeah I would, I'd love to actually, but my finances conspire against me.
What if someone were to be your mysterious ticket into this country? Totally pay for everything, but you will never know who it is. Would you do it? Yes I would. BUT, your "UNCLE SAM" would have a lot of questions for me. Are you offering me a ticket to your country?
my finances conspire against me. Sorry mate, this is a brilliant statement that I'm going to use every chance I get. Cheers! :) Thanks a lot...I do write sometime so i appreciate the complement.
I want to go to Kenya some day, and will obviously visit Nairobi and Mombasa which will be safe but where would you recommend keeping away from? what's the border with somalia like? also just wondering... why do kenyans always win long distance events?! do you do running at school from a young age or anything? Try to avoid the border with Somalia(Lamu)...although it's relatively safe now since the army is bursting terrorist skull over there....you should also try to avoid the north of the country...it's bandit territory so they'll give you armed guards if you want to go there...but there's pretty much nothing but desert there anyways.
Running is predorminant in only one of the Kenyan communities that resided in the highlands...two reasons they ran first, the altitude builds there resistance and they ran a lot to school and elsewhere since of the rugged terrain so not much roads there. Many of the best runners ran upto 10kms daily to and from school from age 7.
.it's bandit territory so they'll give you armed guards if you want to go there. That's so surreal to me. I can't imagine living in a place where I have to avoid bandit territory. Is that something you have to think about in your daily life, or is it just a distant thing for you that don't really have to deal with? It's too far for me to care...hundreds of kilometres away from any city.
I know avoiding the Somali coast is a great idea, but Lamu is one of the most beautiful and legitimately culturally amazing places I've ever been to. No cars; only donkeys. Makes Zanzibar look like a stupid tourist trap! Go there if you can! Haha...i shall ones i'm able to. I've seen pics and videos, it is truly amazing.
Hello there, soldier here. I've worked with your 40th Kenyan Ranger Strike Force, and I must say they are super professional and highly motivated. Best military I've worked with on the continent. Just thought you should know. Thanks a lot mate. I've heard of people praising the Kenyan military but you're the first foreign professional i've heard it from.
What are the general attitudes towards 1st world countries like the U.S? Also, what are some of your favorite artists/types of music? Most Kenyans like reggae, some like hip hop(the old one though not the new crap) and soul, r&b and classic rock. Some Kenyans have a good attitude towards the USA and would love to live there(coz of the movies). But those with access to the internet think that it's a bully of a country that's high-handed in the way it deals with affairs. Most prefer Northern European countries that are neutral..like Switzerland.
Ive been to switzerland, and my take is that they may not be as 'neutral' as you may like to think when it comes to immigrants. Oh, I meant in terms of political affairs. Almost no place in this world is hospitable to Africans, not even Africa itself.
norway, perhaps? :D. Norway is pretty neutral too. Compared to USA.
That made me very sad. Unfortunately there's not much we can do about it but try to survive and make the best out of what we have. Treasure the little things you have in life.
Well in the America that should exist all people are welcome, sadly it's not like that. I yell at people who make fun of the muslims in my school, it's quite depressing that there's so many intolerant kids here. I think they should teach more American history to them, so that they realise that almost everyone in America is an immigrant.
Canada will always have you. we think your pretty cool. Thanks a lot Robert, Kenya will be glad to have you too.
Dont bother trying to move around... you have life mostly figured out than most other people on this planet would ever. I'd love to learn more to help my people...my heart bleeds for them.
A recent book, Dead Aid, recommended that Western countries stop giving money to Africa because it actually stunts development. What do you think of this? Does foreign aid hurt more than help? Western AId is not a bad thing, it's the way it's managed that's the issue. Most of those in government are corrupt and siphon off the funds or use their private businesses to run the tenders. Take a leaf from China...bring your own personnel to manage the funds down to the grassroots and your money will go a long way...you might end up amassing quite a sizable profit too because the commerce industry is ripe for investment. Investment and NOT AID is what Africa needs.
So you feel investments from China are having a more positive impact than western money and aid agencies? Over here, people are cynical about China's involvement in Africa. So are some of the Kenyans. However, their development issues are felt on the ground. They do not meddle in politics/human affairs issues and most importantly, their terms and conditions are very clear. For the meantime, it sounds like a better deal than the West, and as Africa, we don't get much of those. So only time will tell.
In a course I do at uni called 'state of the world', my tutor seems quite set on the idea that China's involvement is neo-colonialism. I don't really know anything about it, so I'd be interested in anything more you have to say on that. Also, I do agree that investment is far, far better than aid, whether it's direct or from NGOs (my course is very critical of western NGOs. Do you see a realistic way that their potential and clout could be better integrated into cohesive development strategies, or are they simply too unruly and independent?) You're welcome. I think what China is doing is not really neo-colonialism because Africa stands to gain, at least a bit from the deals it's making with China. Colonialism applies where one party gains nothing and loses instead. I think all NGOs should be properly regulated and should be open for audits from both their mother countries and African governments. Many of them work in secrecy especially in issues of finances. Transparency, and an open platform where their development and financial records can be accessed would go a long way.
Where would you like to see Kenya be in 20 years? Simple..i'd like everyone to have 3 square meals a day, enough security to go out playing even at night, universal and affordable healthcare and quality and affordable education. Not too much to ask for is it?
What part of Africa do you live in? What are the charity/ Red Cross people like? What experiences have you had with them? Do they make a difference in the places they meet? What is the health care like? What conditions were you raised/ currently live in? I live in East Africa. Kenya to be exact. Charity and Red Cross people on the ground are great and helpful, but some of the top manager people might not be very straight. They make a small difference because there's too much to do, and not too many of them. But they do save lives yes. Health care is terrible, unless you have a lot of money. Public hospitals ahve bad service and almost no equipment and medical workers are underpaid and strike often. On the other hand, private hospitals are top notch but charge way too much for anyone to afford. I was raised in a poor family but i got scholarship to university here, so i stay at campus for the mean time.
What do you think of the health workers' strikes? I remember reading about a nurses strike in Kenya just a few months ago. I htink the government takes its workers for a ride way too much. But then again lives were lost coz of the strike so i don't support it. I support dialogue.
Im reading this in those charming African accents of yours. They're awesome. Haha..thank you very much. Where are you from?
Honduras. Third world for the win. Amazing..como estas? I'd love to visit Central American and Caribbean countries.
What are your thoughts on the Invisible Children guys? Kony? It came in too late. Kony is a bastard that should be hanged by his balls over a crocodile pit. He will be killed one of these days hopefully...but the damage is already done. At least they brought the atrocities to light and some of the affected can get help from around the world.
Kenya just found oil! How excited is the country? Most people don't give a crap coz they know that it might either bring chaos, or the politicians might enrich themselves with it. The celebration only lasted 2 weeks tops. I bet most people don't even remember about that anymore. You're very observant though.
My political sci teacher talks about how resources like oil, diamonds and other minerals are sometimes more of a curse to the countries that have them because of the troubles it brings to the country. Do you feel that the discovered oil will cause more trouble than good, like whats happening in Nigeria? I believe that if we get good leaders. we could go the Botswana way where minerals benefitted them. But if we get bad leaders, i might not be in reddit this time next year :(
How do you get online ? (dsl,cable,wireless..) By mobile internet...connected to a wireless router.
I am from South Africa, hail fellow African! Do you find it at least somewhat true that we are bridging the digital divide, i.e. access to computers and the Internet, at least as far as you can tell in Eastern Africa? I imagine that costs are still almost entirely prohibitively expensive though? Hi fellow friend. We are definitely bridging the digital divide. Kenya has made leaps and bounds in terms of digital media over the past couple of years. We have introduced a monetary system that is solely based on sms services, a first in the world. We are connected by fibre optic cable to all of the world and we have rolled out digital TV broadcasting, also a first in many countries. I think the pace at which we are growing digitally is tremendous..hopefully we can keep at it.
M pesa? I thought it was so cool when I saw it in kenya. I wish we had something similar in the UK. Thanks for the Iama! You're welcome. If they start it in the UK...the banks might close shop..that's probably why they aren't. A very big number of Kenyans is unbanked so they have this as an alternative.
Are you referring to mPesa? There are competing currencies from other telecoms, no? How is that playing out at the cash register? The currency remains the same. The only thing that changes is the channel. Yes, there are competitors, some with better value(less fees) but unfortunately the main monopoly is held by Safaricom which has more vendors and merchants and a wider coverage.
I find it interesting that the you have a monetary system that is solely based on SMS services. How does it work? I think we have very similar systems in Korea and Japan, but it's not via SMS, but it is via cellphone. It is basically touch-credit/debit card. SMS seems hassle-some, where you have to text to a certain number some message and wait few seconds for the transaction to complete. Did I get it right? The money is held by the telcom provider and you can deposit more money to your phone number through merchants all over the country...if you need to transfer, you send a message to the provider stating the amount and number you want to transfer to...it will ask for confirmation before crediting your account. It is quite complex and i advice you to visit Link to en.wikipedia.org if you want to learn more.
I've seen so many slanted documentaries abut how rough the guys are and they just shoot people for fun and then teach it to the male children. Is there any truth to that? Not trying to be offensive, I'm just wondering if the directors are doing it to put a bad spin on parts of that society. If it happens, maybe to less than 5% of the total of Africa. In my country there is no war, so the only people shooting are either policemen or thugs. Policemen are actually more dangerous at times. The documentaries are very one sided. I have seen quite a number of people getting lynched but this is because they killed, stole or raped...otherwise it's not a warzone, just a bit unsafe.
What other languages are prevalent in Kenya? Over 40 languages are prevalent. I think you need a google search to sort you out. But English, Swahili, Kikuyu, Luo, Luhya, Kisii and Kalenjin are the most popular.
Is the concept of female sex tourists (Link to forums.projectcovo.com anywhere near true (or more to the point, have you ever heard of anything like this)? It is..especially at the coast...mostly older European women do this..it's not a myth, it;s very prevalent and out there..noone hides it. I even know someone who's in this "trade".
How's the pay? Is it worth moving to Kenya to become a Gigolo just so I can live a care free life on the beach, having sex with old ugly women? If you want AIDS, go right ahead.
My old school raised money and ended up building a school and a water well for eastern Kenya. Have you seen any of these around? If yes: what are they like? I'm curious what I raised money for lol. There are some that are around..did they give you the details of the school? If so, i could check how it went and maybe get you pictures too if time and resources permits.
But please, i'd like to beg for you wonderful givers to follow up on how the money is used. A liot of it ends up in the wrong hands(big fat politicians and government officials). It's best to liaise with someone here in Kenya who can provide you with receipts, pics and vids of the developments you have so kindly contributed for.
Feed the Children is one of the sponsored charities of my fraternity and we may be doing some things for it in the future as a result. How generous/helpful is it to people? I dont have access to their records, but if you want to make a difference, connect with a family that is suffering here and help them directly. It might be quite hard but i'm working to make it possible for the donor and the beneficiary to interact.
My friend goes to a international boarding school over there (swedish based). How are those students treated? Like kings. They are treated like Kings!
My friend is located in Nairobi. She loves it there. thanks for answering! You should join her too. Are you Swedish?
Im swedish, but i'm of african descent. How are people from sweden that are white treated over there? We treat all foreigners with respect and courtesy. I've met a black Swede before..she was a girl that came here for a UN initiative. That was about 8 years ago. Maybe it's you? :D.
I just got back from 2 weeks in Kenya... Mara, Nairobi, Mombasa, Narok, Naivasha, Nakuru. I love Kenya!!, but I do have one question. Everywhere I went, there was garbage strewn all over. An otherwise really nice park by the ferry in Mombasa, for example, or every town between the Mara and Nairobi. Otherwise, Kenya seemed pretty well maintained. WTF? Our local councils are run by morons. Ideally, they should clear garbage at least every so often...but they don't. They do nothing they're supposed to actually. We don't have a very effective garbage disposal system so most people just dig holes and bury em...hopefully this situation will improve in the future.
Wait a second, are you talking about the politicians, or household waste? Household waste...but politicians are pretty much waste here anyway, wish that would happen to the bad ones.
Sounds like you need American garbage companies to invest in Kenya most of all. Haha..as long as they're not nuclear.
Hi I'm a student in Penn State's engineering program and earlier this year we did a project based in Kenya/Tanzania. Our job was to make a product that would connect a bike and cart so it would be easier to pull them around. Is this something that you or anyone you know could use? That's a pretty good idea...but a number of factors come into play.1. The load on the cart is usually heavy, at least 100kgs and above...so balance is an issue. 2. Most roads in Africa are heavily potholed, narrow and have steep gradients, so you might want to incorporate a gear system into your bike. 3. To counter the weight and force issue, consider an extra seat, most of the current carts are pulled by 2 to 3 people anyway. Use lightweight but durable material. Preffered material here is wood, since it's cheaper and steel since it's more durable, if you could find a balance between the two, that would be great. I'd love to give you more input about the various hurdles you could encounter, including marketing and stuff, but this is not the place for it. Drop me a private message.
Mechanical Engineer here. You'd make a damn good one. Haha...thanks a lot for the complement, but i sucked at High School physics so i gave up on that. I like learning about how machines work though.
You have blown the feeble American mind away. Judging from the questions and following comments a lot of the world thinks Africans are absolutely stupid and living in the stone age. Thanks a lot. I want to try and do my part in building a better name and future for my continent and country.
What's up with the killing of albino's, including children? Why do they do that? That happened in Tanzania for a while.I don't think it happens anymore.
Do you have a hard time naming all those little French speaking West African countries too, or is just the rest of us? Haha..some Kenyans have no idea what Sao Tome and Principe is...or even the Canary Islands and the Gambia, I'm very good at geaography though, so no, it's not a big problem for me.
TIL there is a country called Sao Tome and Principe. Yup...not many people know of it. It's a Lusophone country.
I lived in Dakar when I was 1 years old. I know where it is at least. Haha..must be a while ago though.
What is the best nyam chom joint in Kenya? Ii, ndi mwega! 1. SOme say that the best nyam chom is at Olepolos. 2. I don't do coffee much. 3. Tusker. 4. Orange. 5. Farmer's choice hehe 6. Yes i did...i think they want to reintroduce it.
Jokes aside...how are Kenyans feeling about the next elections? Are people anxious? Do you think voter turnout will be higher than last election? People are a bit anxious about the coming elections but i think everything will be fine. Yup. I expect the turnout to match last times.
What do you think when seeing "First world problems" posts? I believe that evryone in the world has problems, regardless of how rich or stable you might be...so, even if they are miniscule, they are problems nonetheless and they deserve to be solved.
What are your views on America? I think they need to stop bombing places haphazardly.
Well, you see, Africa was in its renessance during the time of the 1st and 2nd world war. Africa has always been behind Europe. When the UK and Spain abandoned Africa, the economy fell. They came to Africa to rob, so they contributed to that fall. Period.
Is there safe, drinkable water where you are? From the taps, no. I have to boil or put chemicals in it.
you have readily available supplies to do that? Not all the time. So at times is Russian Roullettte.
Are your a black african or a white african? Black as coal :D.
Also, how is the wildlife treated there? Is poaching still rampant in Kenya or has wildlife conservation helped at all? KWS has helped a great deal. Maasai Morans no longer kill lions for manhoodity...poachers are sometimes shot on site. Wildlife is generally respected here unless it attacks a Kenyan or destroys crop.
What does your family do for work? When you get out of university what occupation are you going into? My mother is a small trader. My father is dead. I plan to get into the media industry and highlight the plight of Africans. I think we deserve more credit than we are getting in the world.
What's the food like? Is it the same as in the US or is it completely different? And is the daily life any different from the US? And you said you have a scholarship, what are you studying? QUite different from USA, especially in the country side. We eat mainly corn, beans, rice, bread and local vegetables. The life is tougher compared to US because many of the ammenities like good public transport are not very convenient. I'm studying Media.
What percentage of people do you know that participate in the whole "prince" fraud schemes? In my minds eye I have this vision of most people over there not working, and just trying to phish people all day. That doesn't happen in Kenya AT ALL. You should check Nigeria for that.
Hey! I'm an American whose parents both emigrated from Kenya. Just wanted to say hi. May I ask what tribe you're from? Hi, I am a Kikuyu...but we prefer not to think along tribal lines nowadays.
Do you guys think that bears are cool and exotic the same way that we think lions are? Most Kenyans know nothing about bears. Not even their existence. Sorry :)
That's awesome. I had a joke I was making about this that works now :) thank you. :)
Did you accidently write 2013 on the paper or are you actually a time traveller? If it was the later would you mind sharing you technology with me? It was accidental, unfortunately :D.
I was trying to set up a website in Kenya, and discovered that there isn't a single company hosting on the Kenyan backbone. Why is that? There are a lot..send me a message and i'll show you some.
What is your opinion of the term "African-American"? Specifically, I'm referring to the fact that black people from Jamaica are "African-American" but white people from Africa are not. How did the white people get here in the first place?
Have you ever had Ethiopian food? Injera and some other stuff..i like it.
Is everybody in your contry connected to the internet? If corrupt officials hinder (monetary) help from reaching their destination, do you think a website that puts donators directly in touch with the people they donate to would help remedy that problem? About 50% of kenyans can get access to the internet..mostly through teir phones and community centres. Through this thread, i realised that many people want to get a safe secure and documented way to invest in Kenya...through pictures and video. Being a media student, I will try to set something up that can help you achieve this exactly. I have not seen anything of the sort around yet.
I heard you use mobile money - how exactly does that work? Can non-Kenians donate online to Kenians and they recieve the money digitally and instantly? Here is all you need to know about mobile money Link to en.wikipedia.org
So I was in Tanzania two years ago on vacation. How do most people in your area feel about tourists? The people we talked with were extremely polite, but I couldn't tell if it was just because I was the only white teenager in the area. We like tourists period. Not just because of the money they bring in but because they appreciate our environment. Keep doing what you are doing.
Would you say that Kenyans, or Afrians in general, are more distrustful of their governments than Westerners are? Do you think that is because their governments/the individuals in them are essentially more corrupt, or just that more of the corruption is blatant because of the economic system? The problem with the government is not just corruption but inefficiencies. In the West, the government provides for its citizens. I mean infrastructure, health, education etc. In Africa, they don't do that. They steal money to go shop in France. SO i guess we distrust the more.
Why is this not your national anthem? Maybe because it talks nothing about good values like unity, peace and respect....but it is a good song nonetheless.
Could you clear up some typical western stereotypes of you guys over there? Tell me some of the steroetypes so that I know what i'm responding to.
Blood diamond type stereotypes. A lot of people, at least where I'm from, thinks the entirety of Africa is uncivilized and warring tribes. i think that it is just regional. sorry i just read this and i'm tired as hell i can think of more tomorrow. Not all of Africa is like that, just parts of it. Parts of Africa are as developed as the West, it all depends on where you go.
What tribe are you from? I've got friends who are Luhyas and Kikuyus. I am Kikuyu.
Do you think Kenya is on the rise right now? Where do you honestly expect to see your country 20 years from now? Kenya is on the rise indeed. I htink in 20 years, we can compare ourselves to Asian tigers like Malaysia.
Do most people in Kenya have access to clean water? No. Less than 50%
I should've mentioned that I'm caucasian but that's another thing... I really want to join a culture completely different from my own. A culture less petty and more peaceful... just I guess more culture. America kind of gets old a lot of the time. I knew you were Caucasian so I drafted it to suit you.
I spent a month in Kenya a couple summers ago with Camps International, and absolutely loved it. What's the general opinon of groups like that which go over to help with projects like building, teaching etc? Groups like that are readily welcomed. Many Kenyans would love to mingle with such groups and share experiences. In case you go there again, just open up to Kenyans and they'll be very friendly with you. You can even stay in their houses if you're humble enough.
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